Liza Reeves  | Canapés

Sample Canapés


Baby Butchers Sausages cooked in honey and mustard

Baby Sausages cooked Harissa and marmalade

Duck Spring rolls with a plum sauce

Classic Croque Monsieur

Mini Hamburgers with ketchup and melting cheese

Baby Yorkshire Puds with foie gras and caramelised onions

Spicy chicken on a lemon grass skewer with a green Thai curry sauce

Mini Roasted Vegetable Frittatas

Mini roasted aubergine and tomato tarts with a feta and chive cream

Mini Brioche filled with wild mushrooms and a tarragon cream

Teriyaki salmon skewers with Japanese sesame seeds and a Ponzu dipping sauce served on a Chinese spoon.

Prawns wrapped in rice paper with a sweet chilli dip

Mini Fish and chips served in a cone with ketchup

Mini salmon cakes with a coriander and lemon salsa


Spiced crab mayonnaise with coriander on a red chicory leaf

Dill blinis with smoked trout and a lemon crème fraiche

Seared tuna on a brioche croute with a wasabi Mayonnaise and pickled ginger

Classic prawn cocktail with shredded iceberg lettuce in a filo cup

Prawn Brochettes marinated in lemon, chilli and coriander

Chicken liver parfait on a brioche croute with apple jelly

Mini Spicy chicken poppadums with an aubergine pickle

Mini Yorkshire puddings with Rare roast beef and horseradish

Parmesan Tartlets filled with smoked chicken Caesar salad.

Roasted asparagus wrapped in Bresola

Rosemary shortbreads with goats cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes

Caramelised onion, Roquefort and roquet crostini.

Filo tarts with oven baked tomatoes, basil, olives and mascarpone cheese

Rich tomato Bisque shots with Chilli oil

Crostini of chargrilled peppers, mozzarella and basil pesto